Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks at AIPAC

Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks, former Chief Rabbi of England, and a member of the House of Lords, is unequivocal in identifying the persistent enemies of the Jewish people. While internationally renowned for his intellectual, spiritual and educational contributions to world Jewry, Rabbi Sacks has always sounded more optimistic and joyous, acknowledging the contributions of Judaism to the world and the richness of Jewish heritage in the lives of all Jews, but in this speech to the recent 2019 AIPAC annual conference, he lays out the grim truth - antiZionism is the new antisemitism and is the plague of the current era.

Rabbi Sacks makes it very clear that while the world pledged “Never Again,”  it’s become “Ever Again,” and is being experienced as a huge rate of increase world wide; and where the original hate was against the Jew, then the Jewish People it is now against The Jewish State. He expresses so beautifully that Jews are hated for their “chutzpah,” for expecting to be treated like everyone else. This brilliant speech explains the nature of the problem and our eternal HOPE, and is presented with persuasion, passion, compassion. THIS IS A MUST TO HEAR. SHARE.